Oferta / School supplies

Stationery gallantry:
exercise books, notebooks, diaries student, colored paper, sticker books, lesson plans, blocks, drawing portfolios, briefcases, school, school binders, binder inserts, adhesive notepads, fringe.

School gallantry:
Pencil cases, school satchels, backpacks, binders, toolboxes at a desk, shelves desk, primers on the desk.

Pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, wax crayons, school kits, erasers, pencil sharpeners, equalizers, pencils, technical pencils, mechanical pencils, graphite pencils, gel markers, highlighters, fineliners, gel pens,  erasable pens, sets, writing pens, fountain pens, ink cartridges, the chalk boards.

Plastic Articles
Watercolors, school paint, stained glass paint, poster colors, oil pastels, dry pastels, brushes, plasticine, glue in a tube, glue sticks, glitter glue, liquid glue.

Drawing Articles
Calipers.  drawing sets, rulers, protractors,setsquares, sets of geometric.

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